As you may have heard, we’ve been on a bit of a journey here at CF! We gathered a bunch of models together and hit the road, heading out to our favorite, rustic, rural farm location in the heartland! Not only did we take a bunch of models on the trip, but we had many others fly in and meet us at the destination, joining us on our little adventure!

You’ll be seeing tons of stuff coming out of this trip as the weeks and months go on, including super hot videos and incredible photography. But you’ll also be seeing several new faces that joined us on the trip! The first of those new faces is hot, young Dustin!

Dustin is an athletic, masculine young guy from the South that’s already had quite the wild sex life before his landing at CF! The story of how he lost his virginity is definitely one of the more interesting ones we’ve heard and started him off on having a bit of an exhibitionist streak!

As you can see in the interview portion, during his chat with Pete, he’s very easy going and quick to laugh. In fact, that easygoing and friendly personality is something we picked up on even before he made it out to this shoot and one of the reasons we invited him on our little trip! Suffice to say, coming in to get naked on camera can be quite the intimidating experience. Doing so at some isolated, rural location on a trip like we were on would be all the more intimidating!

Dustin handled it all very well, though, and settled in immediately. He was quick to win over the other models and get along with everyone, and continued to win us over when he got in front of the cameras to get naked for us!

Featuring: Dustin

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Dustin Dustin Dustin Dustin Dustin Dustin


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