Gallery: Terrazzo

Cast: Dominika

Photographer: Erro

Number of photos: 60


Age when shot: 28

Eye color: brown

Hair color: brown

Height: 165cm

Weight: 48kg

Breast size: small

Measurements: 84/61/89

Country: Czech Republic

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Bio: I was a really chubby child. And not only that – compared to who I am today, I was generally sort of an ugly duckling. I heart that after certain age people get the appearance they deserve. And it is because, with time, the inner being becomes ever more reflected on the surface, that is – on the body. How much this is true, I’ve no idea but when I look at me as a child I tend to believe it – I lacked confidence and self-esteem, was rather reticent and reclusive – on the whole, I didn’t like myself much. But as I was becoming to be more aware of myself, so was I beginning to change a whole range of attitudes. I became to like myself better and that, I believe, might have been the cause of the overall transformation. Perhaps even in my appearance. True beauty comes from within. And that is the kind of beauty I’m after.


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