TakeFile.su_Window Light_cover

Gallery: Window Light

Cast: Buccia

Photographer: Leonidas

Number of photos: 62


Age when shot: 21

Eye color: blue

Hair color: blonde

Height: 173cm

Weight: 58kg

Breast size: small

Measurements: 84/58/84

Country: Latvia

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Bio: For good sex I need to feel relaxed. Sex on public places? No, never that’s not like me I need complete privacy, I need to feel secure. Being caught or seen in the act is something which reliably puts me off. I like good wine that’s by far my best aphrodisiac. If you want to seduce me, best thing you can do is to invite me for good wine. And talk to me let me feel I can trust you. Amuse me make me have a good laugh. Don’t try to speed things up. I’m not saying I won’t go home with you the first time I might even surprise myself in this respect all I want to say is that once you make me feel all this you face a really good chance for having sex you’ll never forget about.

TakeFile.su_Window Light_cover

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